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We have a saying here at Auxano Digital: "Don't waste the traffic "

Paid search and social media ad spend can seem overwhelming with so many moving pieces involved. We help you take back control and manage the entire process for you–from ad creative all the way to user experience on the landing page.

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We know that every company and organization is different that’s why we tailor our approach around maximizing your campaign marketing budgets. We listen and work with you to find the best ratio of ad spend across all marketing platforms. We then continue that process by tweaking and optimizing each month as we gather data.

Bring clarity to your business.

Digital Strategy

Before you start targeting or marketing on any platform it’s good to have a broader and big picture view of your entire digital strategy. We help with landing pages, full-scale website designs, drip email campaigns, lead nurturing, marketing funnel management, and more.

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Expert coaching and consulting on the digital landscape and the best way to position your company, organization, or idea digitally.

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Marketing budget analysis to identify the ideal spend across each marketing channel.

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User persona creation and target audience analysis to create just the right mix of messaging and creative to engage your audience.

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Custom website design and messaging strategy to make sure your company or organizations messaging is clear, tells a story, and builds a relationship with your audience.

Facebook Ads Campaign Management

Facebook is the best all-purpose wide audience marketing platform available today. It’s a great way to find potential customers that may not know about your product or service yet. We’re experts on targeting, optimizing, and scaling Facebook Ad Campaigns. 

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We help you find the perfect audience and target customer, selectively targeting for various demographics, user interests, and behaviors.

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Using the "Facebook Pixel" and conversion-based campaigns we help you dramatically increase your amount of conversions and decrease your Cost of Acquisition.

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Our tried, tested, and verified 12-step Standard Operating Procedure ensures that your campaigns are implemented and optimized effectively.

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Ad creative is a critical part of getting good Click Through Rates on your ads. We create engaging visuals, copy, and calls to action that boost your campaign performance.

Target and retarget your audience.

Connect with your customer exactly where they are looking.

Google Adwords Campaign Management

There’s no better place to be positioning your company and getting your customer’s attention than exactly where they are looking and ready to take action. Google Ads provides a platform where you can target customer’s based on their intent and drive traffic to your website that is extremely qualified and ready to become your next customer. We’re even certified by Google help you do just that.

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In-depth keyword selection and analysis--ensuring you are showing in the right search intents and that you are avoiding the less-ideal ones.

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We craft and create engaging ad copy that increases their likelihood of clicking your ad and preps your customer for your landing page--ultimately leading in a purchase or target action.

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We leverage the Google Ads platform to help you get the most of your marketing budget: remarketing display ads, optimized ad objectives, ad placements, and more.

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Certified by Google in both Google Ads and Google Analytics we put our experience and certification to work by checking the traffic quality and behavior of your most important keywords.

eCommerce Optimization

If you are a store owner using Shopify or Woocommerce we know how complex, challenging, and overwhelming the whole process of running a store online can be. We help simplify it for you and create custom solutions to help you grow. 

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Optimized Facebook Ad campaigns to help you target potential customers and get more qualified impressions for your product.

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Abandoned cart retargeting, Facebook retargeting, and Google remarketing to ensure that you aren't wasting traffic to your store.

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Custom website and theme development for both Shopify and Woocommerce. We're experts in conversion rate optimization and we design and develop your store to increase on-site purchases.

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Custom funnels created to solidify your eCommerce strategy. Email sequences, marketing messaging, abandoned cart workflow strategy and more.

Increase your revenue and grow your store.

Get valuable interactions with your next customer.

Lead Generation

Whether you are a local business or a national company targeting a wide geographic audience, we help you target, engage, and nurture your leads and turn them into paying customers.

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Optimized lead generation campaigns on Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, and more.

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Holistic audit and analysis of your entire digital strategy to ensure there aren't any holes in your process that customers are slipping through.

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Expert coaching and business model consulting to define key and target metrics so you know just the right amount of marketing budget to maximize your results.

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Monthly (or weekly) reporting and coaching calls to see how things are going with your business and how we can increase campaign performance even more.

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